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Search Engine Optimization Veteran and Photographer

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Hi there!

I started my career working for an internet service provider in London, UK, after graduating Staffordshire University's School of Computing in 1996. I moved to the United States to co-found a travel dotcom in 2000 and it was at that point that I started getting into SEO, simply out of necessity, as a means to acquire traffic on a budget.


Over the last twenty years I've spent time at both agency and in-house SEO roles helping dozens of B2B and B2C companies increase site traffic, from SMBs to Fortune 100 enterprises across a number of verticals: finance, legal, travel, manufacturing, media, publishing, retail and ecommerce. I'm currently VP SEO at Vizion Interactive, an SEO agency, and online marketing consulting company with deep industry knowledge and a great track record of delivering results.


I live in central Ohio with my family and enjoy photography in my spare time. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn

What I do

SEO Strategy

The framework upon which detailed SEO tasks are built upon is crucial for aligning internal stakeholders, developing content, streamlining workflows and forming a precise measurement plan.

Technical SEO

Audit and provide technical insights into how a site performs, with recommendations to improve page speed and site architecture to solve large site indexing and search visibility problems.

Content Strategy

Develop content across the funnel to build reputation and authority. Understand how to attract and engage the right audiences with content that performs and meets your business objectives.

Team Building

SEO teams are diverse and yet specialized. I streamline processes, introduce new workflows to improve efficiency and always raise the bar. I mentor and develop individuals to perform at their peak.

My Photography

Mayfly photo by Reuben Yau
Blue Angels photo by Reuben Yau
Flat Iron Building photo by Reuben Yau
Butterfly photo by Reuben Yau
Sunrise photo by Reuben Yau
Miniature Schnauzer photo by Reuben Yau
Tonkinese cat photo by Reuben Yau
Red Rock Canyon photo by Reuben Yau
Edinburgh Castle photo by Reuben Yau

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