Reuben Yau

SEO Career

I started my career working for an internet service provider in London, UK, after graduating Staffordshire University’s School of Computing in 1996. I moved to the United States to co-found a travel dotcom in 2000 and it was at that point that I started getting into SEO, simply out of necessity, as a means to acquire traffic on a budget.

Over the last twenty years I’ve spent time at both agency and in-house SEO roles helping dozens of B2B and B2C companies increase site performance, traffic, conversions and usability, from SMBs to Fortune 100 enterprises across a number of verticals including: finance, legal, travel, manufacturing, media, publishing, retail, and ecommerce. I’m currently VP SEO at Vizion Interactive, an SEO agency, and online marketing consulting company with deep industry knowledge and a great track record of delivering results.

Home Life

I’m married with three children, who amaze me every day with their brilliance. I love spending time with them and trying to keep up, my gosh they’re so energetic! Our house is also home to 2 rescued feral cats, a dog and a couple of fish.

Photography is another of my passions, having picked up my first camera as a young and impressionable teenager. You can view some random photos in my flickr stream.