Yahoo Search Marketing’s Panama – First Glimpse

Today I manged to upgrade a Yahoo Sponsored Search account to use the new Panama system. The upgrade was relatively painless, however, I discovered a few quirks in the system. The first thing that you should know is that the overall structure is now very much like Google AdWords, even sharing the same terminology (campaigns and adgroups) and it also has the dynamic keyword insertion tool which can be used in the ad title and description.

When you upgrade a campaign all of your existing categories will be converted into campaigns. Each campaign will then have a number of adgroups which will contain various sets of keywords. I only managed to spend about an hour with the new system, but I could not figure out if the adgroups came about because it was grouping specific keywords together or whether it had something to do with the ad copy. The answer may lie within the online documentation, but I didn’t have time to investigate.

I did rewrite some ads and make various other minor changes, but to my frustration, I couldn’t find out how to move a keyword from one adgroup to another within the same campaign. This seemingly simple task would make account management after the conversion/upgrade process a lot less painful.

As before each ad that is edited, additions and changes to the keywords are sent in to the approval process.

I saw a demo of the geotargeting feature at pubcon but did not yet get a chance to try it out. The account I was using does not particularly have any need to segment its audience geographically.

One new and very important addition is an Analytics package. It is much more complicated to install than Google Analytics as there may be anywhere up to 4 or 5 different scripts that need to be installed, depending on exactly what you want to track. I downloaded the 70+ page pdf tutorial and scanned it to look at exactly how it works. It uses javascript snippets and tracking variables in the URL, very similar to Google Analytics utm_ variables.

Once I’ve gone through all the campaigns and adjusted the ads, adgroups and keywords I will take a look at Yahoo Analytics and run a couple of tests to see if it can do things like track conversions across multiple domains, as well as compare stats between it and Google Analytics.

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