Text Links For a Buck

I’m using Scratchback. You’ll probably see the widget on the right with the links that say Get In My Top Spots. Those are the text links that you can buy for just one dollar.

The last person to buy a text link automatically goes to the top of the list. Right now the widget is set to show five links, but if the inventory gets filled I can increase the number of links, up to a maximum of 20.

This widget displays prominently on all pages of this blog. Most of my visitors are webmasters and SEOs who are interested in Google Analytics and search engine optimization.

So now’s the time to dig behind the couch cushions, scrape those dimes and nickels together and buy a text link for $1.00.

Note that these links use nofollow so Google won’t drop my PageRank :D

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  1. They obviously pass no pagerank, but they do allow 3rd parties to advertise on my blog without me being concerned about being dinged with a sponsored link penalty.

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