Google Express Speculation

Garett Rogers just wrote an article: What Google is up to listing some domains that have been transfered to Google. The one that caught my eye was Knowing how Google likes to pull technologies together, it got me thinking more about what this could be for. Here’s my train of thought:

  1. Hey that sounds like a good name for a shopping cart
  2. Wait a minute, they already have Google Checkout
  3. They also have their own Google Store
  4. They’re offering one page websites for business owners in Google AdWords Starter Edition
  5. Google Local Business Center offers listings for local businesses, even if they don’t have a website
  6. They have a way to upload products using Google Base
  7. They can distribute products through Froogle and the Onebox in organic search.
  8. If they pulled all of these together what would they call it? Google Express!
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