Google PageRank Definition Pet Peeve

For some reason it really grates me when I read people’s definition of PageRank being “the quantity and quality of inbound links”. To me, “quality” is fairly subjective and doesn’t really accurately describe it. I prefer to use “value” instead of “quality” since PR is just a numerical value. See, there’s that word again, value.

The PageRank value assigned to a URL is just the result of a numerical calculation. A higher value does not necessarily signify importance or quality. It just means that it has a large amount of PageRank being passed to it. This could be from one high value link, or multiple low value links. Google uses other means to determine relevance, quality, importance, spam, trust, etc.

What do you think?

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  1. A blog can rank well, even with no page rank.If you have lots of incoming links from relevant sites to yours and update your blog daily with unique and interesting content you will do fine.

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  3. I couldn’t agree more. Thats just one pet peeve another one is people who call say “Dofollow” links!!!!!! I just want to rip my hair out every time I see some noob say that

  4. pagerank has always been a novelty for entertainment purposes only.

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