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Yahoo Sponsored Search Is Going To 69 You

One of my colleagues today found out that if you edit a short description in Yahoo Sponsored Search, you have to include a period at the end. Usually you’re allowed 70 characters for the short description, but with the ending period, we’re all being cheated out of one character. If your ads are already 70 characters then don’t worry, they will continue to be active, but next time you edit them, they will be required to have an ending period.

One character doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re trying to get creative as well put across the right message and appeal to the right audience, every character counts. I have no idea why they decided to implement this, there’s a ton of other stuff that I would prefer them to do, like make the campaign import feature available for advertisers who are not at the Gold or Platinum spending levels.

Yahoo Panama account daily spending limit bug

I was looking at a couple of accounts that were converted in December 2006 and something caught my eye. The daily spending performance report is not showing the correct amount in the Account Daily Spending Limit column. It currently shows the right amount up to the day the account was converted, then $0 after that. After a short call to the nice people at Yahoo, they confirmed that there’s a bug in the display on this report. The account is functioning correctly, the values just aren’t showing on the report.

MyBlogLog snapped up by Yahoo

Congrats to the Eric and the rest of the MyBlogLog guys! You can read more about this on their own blog.

I signed up for this not so long after I created this blog and I really like the functionality. It provides referrer and traffic information, but more importantly, it gives you a face roll widget that you see on the left column here. This is a much more fun way of seeing actually who is reading your stuff (as long as they’ve signed up to mybloglog).

I wonder what’s in store for those guys, once they move to their new snazzy apartments in San Fran. I wish them the best of luck and am looking forward to seeing what else they’re able to roll out with the big Y behind them.

Yahoo’s panama rolls out

My mailbox was flooded with a bunch of emails from Yahoo over the holidays. In the next week or so, a bunch of accounts will automatically be upgraded to the new Panama system. If you do not have an online marketing consultant managing this for you, don’t fear; you really don’t have much to worry about. If you don’t get to it right away, the ads will still show and you’ll still get traffic. The only real disadvantage is that you won’t be able to use the new keyword tool, geotargeting or other cool features straight away.

The upgrade notification email mentions that the upgrade may take up to 8 hours to complete, well for most accounts, which have a few hundred keywords, it’ll be literally minutes. Once the upgrade is complete you’ll get another email with the new login URL, which doesn’t use a login capture (hurray for roboform users!).

Good luck with the upgrade, I’m sure you’ll love the new interface and features.

TopRank interviews John Slade about Panama

Lee Odden from TopRank interviewed John Slade from Yahoo about the new Panama
PPC platform (read the interview). He gives us some insights into its current capabilities and what lies ahead. Specifically he mentions geo, demographic and behavior targeting, Panama’s handling of rich media, goal tracking and campaign management features as well as opening up its distribution to other broadcast media such as TV.

While I’ve gotten my feet wet with Panama, I’m certainly looking into playing with some of these features when they become available.

Webpronews also interviewed John at Pubcon this year.

PPC Ads and Spelling

When writing ads, I always check, doublecheck and triple check the ad copy. The worst thing I could do as a consultant for another company would be to put a spelling mistake into their ad. It could possibly tarnish their reputation or push users in the wrong direction. So while checking up on some spam email I found this Yahoo ad.

Panama’s New Keyword Selector Tool

The keyword research tool is really very nice now. It includes a couple of filters so you can specify definitely included words and excluded words. For example, if I’m setting up an adgroup for a client who sells flights to London, England, I have to enter three words or phrases. In this example I enter [airfare to london], [flight to london] and [airline ticket to london]. It now gives me a list of 50 keywords to choose from. Continue reading Panama’s New Keyword Selector Tool

Yahoo Panama Part 2

Since my first peek at Yahoo’s Panama, and after having spoken to some nice Panama support people I understand how the new adgroups are formed. The converted adgroups contain a collection of keywords which use identical ad copy. Sometimes it’s able to create a relevant title for the adgroup, othertimes it labels it as KEYWORD 00001, where keyword is one of the terms within the adgroup.

I also did not like the fact that you could not move an already approved keyword from one adgroup to another (even in the same campaign). However, the Panama approval process is now just a matter of seconds to get a keyword approved, so it’s no big deal to delete from one adgroup and add it to another. Continue reading Yahoo Panama Part 2

Yahoo Search Marketing’s Panama – First Glimpse

Today I manged to upgrade a Yahoo Sponsored Search account to use the new Panama system. The upgrade was relatively painless, however, I discovered a few quirks in the system. The first thing that you should know is that the overall structure is now very much like Google AdWords, even sharing the same terminology (campaigns and adgroups) and it also has the dynamic keyword insertion tool which can be used in the ad title and description.

When you upgrade a campaign all of your existing categories will be converted into campaigns. Each campaign will then have a number of adgroups which will contain various sets of keywords. I only managed to spend about an hour with the new system, but I could not figure out if the adgroups came about because it was grouping specific keywords together or whether it had something to do with the ad copy. The answer may lie within the online documentation, but I didn’t have time to investigate. Continue reading Yahoo Search Marketing’s Panama – First Glimpse