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Live search referrer spamming

November 13, 2007 by reuben | 4 Comments | Filed in MSN, Tracking

I don’t usually take much notice of Live search traffic to this blog because they usually don’t drive much if any traffic at all. But I decided to look today and noticed a few weird entries in Google Analytics. I had a bunch of referring keywords from with 1 visit, 2 page views and […]

Google Analytics 404 Tracking And Downloaded Files

October 5, 2007 by reuben | 5 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics, Tracking

I was reading Bruce Clay’s September Newsletter and came across a couple of inaccuracies in Jim Sterne’s web analytics article, specifically this part: Google won’t report on downloads of files like PDF’s, jpg’s of Flash. You want to know about server error messages? You have to look to the pay-to-play vendors. Well Google Analytics may […]

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Website Optimizer Is Search Engine Friendly

June 19, 2007 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Google, Google AdWords, PPC, Tracking, Web development, Work

Website Optimizer by Google AdWords is a multivariate testing tool, that is to say, it takes A/B testing one step further. Instead of testing 2 versions of a page, you can test multiple page elements and the various combinations. When you create an experiment you can specify page elements that you want to test, for […]

Google Analytics Developers, Please Update urchin.js

May 11, 2007 by reuben | 2 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics, Tracking

I was looking through an overall keyword conversion report in Analytics and noticed some strange search phrases appearing. They looked like long strings of random numbers and characters. It turns out that AOL must be testing some new URL structure in the search results and changed the variable that identifies the search query. I took […]

Google Analytics Tracking Code – HTTPS and Full External Referrer Only

April 11, 2007 by reuben | 11 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics, Tracking, Work

Part 1 – Detecting http and https Mode Using Javascript A while back I came across a scenario where a website (typically an ecommerce site) can serve part of their website in both http and https mode. These sites typically use the same template or footer include file for both browser modes. This causes a […]

Testing Google Analytics Regular Expressions In Real Time

March 15, 2007 by reuben | 12 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics, Tracking

If you have a dynamic website and want to set up conversion goals within Google Analytics, you may need to use regular expressions to define the goal page. These are extremely useful because they can be used to match specific sequences of characters in a URL. They’re a huge expansion on the common wildcard characters […]

Google Analytics Full Referrer Tracking Update

February 15, 2007 by reuben | 12 Comments | Filed in Google, Google Analytics, Tracking

Since I wrote about tracking the full referrer in Google Analytics, I had feedback from some people saying that their content management system, forum software, etc doesn’t allow them to modify the HEAD section or BODY tag. Some other people are also hesitant to place the code in the HEAD section incase the Google Analytics […]