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Toyota FT1 Photos

March 15, 2014 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Personal, Photography

Photos of the new Toyota FT1 sports car, which was displayed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit MI. I don’t know if my photos will do it justice, but the car really does look good up close and in the flesh. This is supposed to be the replacement for the legendary Toyota […]

Vectren Dayton Air Show 2012

July 8, 2012 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Personal, Photography

The weather forecast before I left said it was going to feel like 112 degrees. I don’t think I’ve ever felt 112, but it was certainly a lot of degrees, I can tell you. Despite the searing heat I was able to take in some fantastic aviation showmanship at the Vectren Dayton Air Show and […]

Polar Bear Plunge

February 7, 2012 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Personal

This year I’m participating in a fund raiser to support Special Olympics Ohio (donations welcome). On February 18th, I will be doing the Polar Bear Plunge at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. I’m told it’s going to be in a open air pool near the Polar Bear Exhibit and not actually in it! While I […]

RIP Remington

July 1, 2011 by reuben | 2 Comments | Filed in Personal

About a week ago my puppy Remington was diagnosed with cancer. It all started when we noticed he had blood in his urine. He had a course of antibiotics for a UTI but that didn’t do anything. After that was another type of antibiotic for possible prostate infection. When neither worked, we took him in […]

Beer Thirty in Columbus OH

June 7, 2011 by reuben | 1 Comment | Filed in Personal

Since moving to the Columbus area, I’ve practically been a hermit, rarely venturing out. I live and work on the outskirts of Columbus, rarely needing to travel inside the I270 circular. There are a number of really great neighborhoods within the I270 ring, like Upper Arlington, Clintonville and the Short North, but to me and […]

2011 Spring Clean

March 23, 2011 by reuben | 2 Comments | Filed in Personal

It’s been so long since I really did much with this site, so I thought it was time to give it a spring cleaning. I chose a nicely coded wordpress theme and made a few minor adjustments. Unfortunately this site hasn’t received much attention since I’ve been in ‘head down’ mode for the past couple […]

Military Humor

August 19, 2008 by reuben | 5 Comments | Filed in Personal

For those of you who are into military humor, I had to repost these set of pictures, which came to me via email. I’m glad they still have a sense of humor with all the stuff they have to deal with. Thanks to all the service men and women keeping America safe.

Warning – Anhydrous Ammonia and Propane Tanks

June 19, 2008 by reuben | 2 Comments | Filed in Personal

This message is a warning originally sent from the FBI: For those of you who like to grill it up during the summer, here’s a safety announcement you should be aware of. Please put this information out to ALL personnel. For those of you who exchange your propane tanks, this is something you definitely need […]

How Not To Market A Search Expo

September 30, 2007 by reuben | 2 Comments | Filed in Personal, SEO

If you’re going to try to promote a search conference, the worst possible way to promote it is to comment spam a blogger in the SEM community. Since I have math comment protection they had to have at least made some effort to fill out the form manually (unless there’s a workaround I didn’t know […]

Exciting News

July 14, 2007 by reuben | 2 Comments | Filed in Personal, Work

I’m excited to announce that I’ve accepted a position at ECNext. I will be responsible for the SEO of some very large websites including Manta, AccessMyLibrary, Goliath and approx 40 other sites. Each contain many millions of pages so optimizing them is going to be fun and very rewarding. These sites have huge growth potential […]