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Live search referrer spamming

November 13, 2007 by reuben | 4 Comments | Filed in MSN, Tracking

I don’t usually take much notice of Live search traffic to this blog because they usually don’t drive much if any traffic at all. But I decided to look today and noticed a few weird entries in Google Analytics. I had a bunch of referring keywords from with 1 visit, 2 page views and […]

Microsoft adExcellence Membership

July 4, 2007 by reuben | 2 Comments | Filed in MSN, PPC, Work

David Naylor recently reported that the new Microsoft AdCenter accreditation program will be named Microsoft adExcellence. Searchengineland reported that it’s going to be available later this year, however, I was able to join the pilot program running from June 29th to July 20th. The testing is done online by, just like the Google AdWords […]