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First Glance Comparing New vs Old Google Analytics Tracking Codes

January 20, 2008 by reuben | 11 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics

I installed the new ga.js tracking script on this blog a few weeks ago and decided to take a look today to see if there are any reporting differences. Here’s what I found for the same time period: Google Traffic   Old New Total Visits: 1293 1047 Pages Per Visit: 1.28 1.57 Avg Time on […]

New Google Analytics Tracking Code (ga.js)

December 28, 2007 by reuben | 2 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics

I’ve been a little preoccupied lately and tonight I decided to try out the new Google Analytics tracking code, which uses ga.js instead of urchin.js. To do this, I created a new profile, then added the new code in the for this WordPress theme. This weekend I’ll be comparing results to see if there’s […]

Google Analytics 404 Tracking And Downloaded Files

October 5, 2007 by reuben | 5 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics, Tracking

I was reading Bruce Clay’s September Newsletter and came across a couple of inaccuracies in Jim Sterne’s web analytics article, specifically this part: Google won’t report on downloads of files like PDF’s, jpg’s of Flash. You want to know about server error messages? You have to look to the pay-to-play vendors. Well Google Analytics may […]

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Google Analytics Gets Hourly Reporting

June 12, 2007 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Google Analytics

I love the new version of Google Analytics, but the missing hourly reporting was a frustrating omission, but not anymore. Google has updated the functionality with some new features: 1) Hourly reporting 2) Clickable URLs 3) Cross Segmentation by Network Location 4) Increased number of data rows per page 5) Bounce Rate increase/decrease colors switched […]

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) Requirements

June 1, 2007 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Google, Google Analytics, Work

I looked into this a while back and wrote to Google Analytics support. They responded with this set of requirements for becoming a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant: In business for 1 year At least one dedicated person for Google Analytics support Must provide full service i.e. setup, support, training, and consultation for Google Analytics Must […]

Google Analytics Developers, Please Update urchin.js

May 11, 2007 by reuben | 2 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics, Tracking

I was looking through an overall keyword conversion report in Analytics and noticed some strange search phrases appearing. They looked like long strings of random numbers and characters. It turns out that AOL must be testing some new URL structure in the search results and changed the variable that identifies the search query. I took […]

My Google Analytics Referring URL Hack Still Works

May 10, 2007 by reuben | 1 Comment | Filed in Google Analytics

So now that I’ve had a chance to see the new version, I quite like it. I can also confirm that my hack to obtain the full referring URL still works. The only minor difference in the interface is how you get to the Top Content report in the left navigation menus and the filter […]

New Version of Google Analytics Coming

May 9, 2007 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Google Analytics

Yes, a new version is soon coming. I haven’t yet seen it, but I’m hoping that it has a report which shows the full URL including all the parameters by default and/or doesn’t mess with the Google Analytics hack I put in place. I guess I’ll find out when one of my accounts get converted […]

Google Analytics Tracking Code – HTTPS and Full External Referrer Only

April 11, 2007 by reuben | 11 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics, Tracking, Work

Part 1 – Detecting http and https Mode Using Javascript A while back I came across a scenario where a website (typically an ecommerce site) can serve part of their website in both http and https mode. These sites typically use the same template or footer include file for both browser modes. This causes a […]

Testing Google Analytics Regular Expressions In Real Time

March 15, 2007 by reuben | 12 Comments | Filed in Google Analytics, Tracking

If you have a dynamic website and want to set up conversion goals within Google Analytics, you may need to use regular expressions to define the goal page. These are extremely useful because they can be used to match specific sequences of characters in a URL. They’re a huge expansion on the common wildcard characters […]