Monthly Archives: January 2008

First Glance Comparing New vs Old Google Analytics Tracking Codes

I installed the new ga.js tracking script on this blog a few weeks ago and decided to take a look today to see if there are any reporting differences. Here’s what I found for the same time period:

Google Traffic
  Old New
Total Visits: 1293 1047
Pages Per Visit: 1.28 1.57
Avg Time on Site: 00:00:23 00:01.01
Unique Referring Phrases: 783 765

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the top referring phrases. You can clearly see the differences.

Google Analytics Referring Phrases (Old)

Google Analytics Referring Phrases (New)

So as you can see, there’s quite a discrepancy, even for my site which doesn’t get a lot of traffic at all. I think I’m going to have to dig into this further and compare these stats with log files to see which is more accurate. I also want to make sure that the tracking codes really do appear on every page, to make sure that isn’t skewing the stats somewhat.

I’ll post back again when I find more info. If anyone else is doing a similar test, what are you finding?