Yahoo Panama Part 2

Since my first peek at Yahoo’s Panama, and after having spoken to some nice Panama support people I understand how the new adgroups are formed. The converted adgroups contain a collection of keywords which use identical ad copy. Sometimes it’s able to create a relevant title for the adgroup, othertimes it labels it as KEYWORD 00001, where keyword is one of the terms within the adgroup.

I also did not like the fact that you could not move an already approved keyword from one adgroup to another (even in the same campaign). However, the Panama approval process is now just a matter of seconds to get a keyword approved, so it’s no big deal to delete from one adgroup and add it to another.

It’s also very clear now that you have separate bids for sponsored search and content match and the screen layout is much more intuitive. The system uses a lot of ajax gizmos to flip between the keyword list and list of ads, as well as in the new keyword research tool. This makes the system overall a lot more responsive and is a very nice mix of html/forms/ajax.

It also has a download campaign feature which allows you to save your settings as a zipped csv file. This time it just prompts you to download and save it, there’s no option to open it in Excel.

The account also has an Alert notfication which follows you around as you navigate through the various screens. I managed to trigger 2 alerts when put a typo in the destination URL for one of my ads. It caught it and flagged the ad as offline. Nice little feature to give you (near) instant feedback, however, now those two messages follow me, eventhough I’ve rectified the issue. I wish I could mark them as read like in most email clients, until I can figure out how to make them go away, I will be forever reminded of my destination url typo.

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