Why I blog (meme)

The lovely DazzlinDonna tagged me for another one of these meme things. Since I’m on lunch right now I guess I’ll throw out 5 reasons quickly.

  1. Personal Brand Building – Like many other professional search marketers, I had been lurking in the wings and posting in a rather anonymous fashion. But after attending pubcon in November 2006, I realized that I really needed to start building my personal brand.
  2. A Professional Requirement – As a professional SEO with clients who are starting to blog, I also needed more experience with WordPress and blogging in general. I’ve provided help in everything from blogging platform recommendations, style, theme, category selection, blogging optimization and marketing.
  3. Expanding Reach Past Forums – Every now and again, I’ll want to share a little tip or trick I’ve found and blogging enables me to reach more than the regulars on the forums I frequent. For example, my post about the Google Analytics hack has received ~14,000 visitors since its publication mid January.
  4. Fun Factor – With all the various widgets, plugins, chicklets, gizmos, thingies and whatsits, you can link to and share all kinds of information which makes blogging a lot more fun than publishing on a plain old website. I really like the fact that I know exactly who has recently been reading my blog with the mybloglog widget.
  5. SEO Experiments – The previous version of my website had a page about my modified Volkswagen Beetle along with various Beetle related in and outbound links. Because of that, my related:www.reubenyau.com query shows Beetle related websites. Since changing my overall theme of inbound links and topic, I’m monitoring how long it will take Google to figure out my new link neighborhood. I’m also looking at how link popularity filters through my blog, as well as possible duplicate content issues with the category and archive pages.

Thanks to SoloSEO for setting up another meme tracker.

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