Socializer and Socializing

I was using the Social Bookmarks WordPress Plugin by Apostolos Dountsis which places a bunch of small icons at the bottom of each post. I don’t know how successful they are because popular social bookmarking sites like and reddit have browser buttons, so you never really know which button they’re clicking on.

I’d like to know to make sure that whatever plugins, widgets, thingies and whatsit’s I bolt onto this blog are going to be useful and not just there because other sites have them.

I decided to try out Pierre Far’s Socializer. It uses one link at the bottom which takes you to a page where you can then select which social bookmarking site you want to use. Pierre has some great instructions on his site, but I decided to install the wordpress plugin, which was originally written by Anders Bergman.

Edit 2/5/2007: Pierre just wrote a post on his blog about the popularity of social bookmarking sites and which are the most popular through his service.

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