SEO Title Tag Plugin

I decided to install the SEO Title Tag Plugin by Stephan Spencer, since I wanted to clean up the titles. WordPress by default puts in a bunch of extra stuff in there which just doesn’t really look very good.

Ironically, by installing the SEO Title Tag plugin, it allowed me to clean up all the titles so I can avoid seeing things like:

blogname » Blog Archive » Title.

One of the cool features of this plugin is that you can set custom titles by post (or page) by using the custom fields and specifying title_tag as the key, then entering the custom text in the value.

1 thought on “SEO Title Tag Plugin”

  1. I’m still really confused to use the seo title tag, what should I fill to the coloumn to maximize the function of this plugin. please help. can this plugin really help my blog to be top10 in google search?

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