Polar Bear Plunge

Reuben Yau - Polar Bear Plunge 2012
This year I’m participating in a fund raiser to support Special Olympics Ohio (donations welcome). On February 18th, I will be doing the Polar Bear Plunge at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. I’m told it’s going to be in a open air pool near the Polar Bear Exhibit and not actually in it! While I like Polar Bears, I don’t particularly want to get that close to one, especially since I’ll probably look like an injured albino seal.

This is my first time raising money for Special Olympics Ohio, a great cause helping people with intellectual disabilities train and compete. According to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission about 2.5 million people in the US, or around 1% of the population are affected and of those only 31% are employed.

I have no idea how cold the water will be or how long I’ll be in it. It doesn’t really matter to me, this is not about me, it’s about supporting this great organization. I’m going to jump into a pool in the middle of winter, I know you won’t, but you could could offer some support by donating. Check the change in your pocket, perhaps hold off on one latte for this week, you know any contribution is going to be greatly appreciated.

If you visit my donation page, you can also enter a short message which will appear in the scrolling Honor Roll.

Our group raised over $5000 for Special Olympics Ohio! It was 45 degrees with a light breeze and the water temperature was, well, cold! Our team was the first up on stage, the first three team members went in, then it was our turn. After a short intro by the emcee, we were given the countdown and off we went. Hitting the water was fine, it was when I surfaced that I experienced the full body shudder of OMG it’s cold. I got out and got changed into some dry clothes feeling quite refreshed.