Panama’s New Keyword Selector Tool

The keyword research tool is really very nice now. It includes a couple of filters so you can specify definitely included words and excluded words. For example, if I’m setting up an adgroup for a client who sells flights to London, England, I have to enter three words or phrases. In this example I enter [airfare to london], [flight to london] and [airline ticket to london]. It now gives me a list of 50 keywords to choose from.

Step 1

Step 2

You can see that as well as the london terms, it’s also picked up others like [europe airfare] and [airfare paris]. So to keep this adgroup focussed, I went back and added the qualifier [london] which must appear in the results.

Ok now I get a much better list, but it still contains terms like [car rental in london] so be careful not to just add the entire list to the adgroup. Note that the results are now expanded to 50 phrases, from 30 in the old version.

For comparison, here’s some results using the Overture Keyword Selector Tool for the term [airfare to london]:

Notice that the Overture Keyword Selector Tool provides volume in numbers, whereas the new Panama keyword tool only provides a graphic. For reference, this tool and the one found in the current provide the same phrases and volume numbers – I just used this screenshot as it was a little more compact.

Comparing sets of keyword results between the old and new tools may be a topic for another post, however, I can tell you for now that it still only returns singular versions.