My Mustache Brings all the Girls to the Yard

This November I shaved my goatee and grew a mustache (aka mo) much to my wife’s disdain. It was part of a worldwide event known as Movember which aims to raise awareness of common male forms of cancers, such as testicular and prostate. Susan G. Komen does a great job of raising awareness for breast cancer, but to date I haven’t come across a male alternative that’s quite as prolific.

Mike Halvorsen suggested that the men in the office grow mustaches to help promote and further the cause. While some men were a little hesitant, I plowed full ahead into mustachery madness. When I announced to my wife that I was removing my goatee and starting to grow a mustache she was a little surprised. But when I put it to her that a man’s mustache is like a pink ribbon, she let it go, with the proviso that it also goes at the end of the month.

When I was growing up in the ’70s and ’80s manly men all wore mustaches, it was just something you had to do, there simply was no choice in your style of facial hair. It was a foregone conclusion that by the time you reached your teens you would stare at your top lip in the mirror for at least an hour each day trying to coax out a fine, whispy mustache, because only then would you be considered a real man.

So back to our mustachery endeavors in the office, we had about a dozen finely groomed Manta men touting all shapes, sizes and styles of masculinity. Our group raised $415 which was awesome, especially considering that our company matched that donation.

So on to next year and I hope we can entice more Manta staff and other organizations to grow a mustache in the name of promoting cancer awareness. It’s now December and I’m once again clean shaven. My wife is happy that my mustache is gone, even though it will be back again next year, to hopefully raise even mo money.

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  1. My uncle participated in Movember. He’s had a full beard all my life – I’m 36 – but he shaved it off to start Movember. First time I’d ever seen him clean shaven…didn’t recognize him at all!

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