Memorial Day 2011

On Memorial Day, the Rotary club here in Westerville, along with volunteers from many other organizations planted 2,500 flags, into what is called the Field of Heroes. It pays tribute to the sacrifices given by the many people in harms way, in order to protect our rights and freedoms. I missed photo opportunities in previous years for various reasons, but was adamant that I was going to capture the field this year.

On Monday morning I arrived at the field around 5.40am which gave me just enough time to scout for some good locations before the beautiful sunrise hit. From the weather forecast I knew there were going to be some clouds in the sky so I hoping for some crepuscular rays (aka God Rays). Below is one of the images I captured and processed into an HDR image from 5 separate frames.

Field of Heroes - Memorial Day 2011

Thank you to the Yahoo Editor who chose this image to appear in the Memorial Day gallery on Flickr alongside other wonderful images.

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