Meeting People At Pubcon

While I met a bunch of great people, there were a great deal of people I didn’t get to meet. Some were just rude or didn’t have any time for me (the man with the golden shoes and the offwhite hound dog), but apart from them, most others were polite enough to exchange pleasantries.

For those I didn’t get to meet, feel free to leave a comment, or you can catch up with me (my username is Pittbug) on the SEO refugee forums.

Thanks to Brett Tabke for the free beers, I shall return again next year.

6 thoughts on “Meeting People At Pubcon”

  1. Reuben,

    It was great running into you down in Vegas, thanks for stopping bye the exhibit area to introduce yourself and take some time to shoot the breeze with me.

    I really enjoyed the conference this year and also got to meet some interesting new attendees. As always, there were some I had intended on meeting up with that i didn’t get to, but overall still got to do more than enough networking.

    See you around.

  2. Wit: I don’t remember everyone, but here’s a few names from memory:

    Matt Cutts
    Evan Roseman (Google)
    Dana and Evan (Google Webmaster Tools)
    Ian Kennedy (Mybloglog/Yahoo)
    Jerri and John (Right Media/Yahoo)
    Kirsten (Levis)
    Bruce Clay
    Andy Beal (Marketing Pilgrim)
    Todd Malicoat (stuntdbl)
    Bill Slawski (seobythesea)
    Heidi Snyder (Pittsburgh Internet Consulting)
    Matt and Badi (Seorefugee)

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes and for omissions… it’s Sunday and I haven’t had my coffee yet :)

    ecopt: It was great meeting you and putting a name to a face. Hopefully we can catch up again next year.

  3. Ack! I really wanted to meet up… Sorry I “ran off” – not sure when that was, but I hope it was for something very important. It certainly was a hectic week – I can’t think of 5 minutes when I didn’t have at least 2 things I was supposed to be doing. Next time, we’ll have to make a point of getting together :)

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