Matt Cutts Blog Hacked – April Fools Joke

Obviously an April fools joke… I mean look at all the references to known SEO/marketing people…

scbl – Robert Scoble?
davenator – David Naylor?
RandomFish – Randfish?
Z-man – G man?
Shchoeoe+npMMo – Shoemoney?

You need to do better than that Matt :)

Here’s a screenshot for prosperity:
Matt Cutts Blog Hacked - April Fools Joke

2 thoughts on “Matt Cutts Blog Hacked – April Fools Joke”

  1. Hmmm, I know your the marketing guy and all . . . but for the life of me I can’t figure out how one can become prosperous with that screen shot. But, if you know, please tell us how, at least for the sake of posterity.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist. do like your blog, though.)

  2. Slob (can I address you as ‘slob’ ?) – It was April 1st – I was wondering if anyone would pick up on my choice of words :D

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