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After reading Joe Hall’s tips on hacking bookmarks, I decided to set one up for, so I can quickly search for any of the 17 million US companies in its database.

I created a bookmark (I did it in Firefox 3, my default browser), then edited the details so they looked this:


Make sure you add the %s after the search parameter in the Location field. The description was automagically pulled from the site, you don’t actually need that info for this to work.

For my keyword I choose simply “manta”.

Now all I need to do to manta a company is to click in the address bar in my Firefox window and type “manta XYZ” where XYZ is the name of the company I’m looking for.

e.g. “manta google”

Also note that with our recently improved internal search functionality, you can also add other words into your search criteria, e.g. “manta google mountain view, ca”

Note: This only works in Firefox. If you want to add as a search engine, let me know and I can hack something together.

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