Heading to Pubcon

Just a quick note to say that next week I’ll be at pubcon in Vegas soaking up the latest SEO/SEM issues and techniques.

If you want to meet, you can either post in the thread on seorefugee here, or call me using GrandCentral:

This marks almost one year since I started this blog, which was a direct result of having attended Pubcon in 2006.

4 thoughts on “Heading to Pubcon”

  1. Hey Reuben,
    As a result of Matt Cutts advice I started by blog too right after pubcon.

    I would love to not only meet you, but invite you to the poker tournament I am hosting at the Venetian. All the profit is going to some cool charities. We would love to have you! Look on my site for more info.


  2. I noticed the GrandCentral Call Me button. I just got into the beta and am wondering if it is stable enough to depend on for a business site. I assume you’re having luck with it?

    Great postings by the way.

  3. Hi Aubrey

    I’ve used it a few times, but not anywhere near enough to evaluate it for business use. I know Andy Beal uses it and I’m sure he wouldn’t if it was unreliable. Perhaps he has Google alerts turned on for his name and will chime in here :)

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