SERPs and Google Phone MRPs?

Google OS blogged about a rumored project Google Phone. I was just reading some of Mike Blumenthal‘s research about Google local and a thought popped into my head. If the new device has GPS capability, then Google would know your location, so if you searched for “pizza”, perhaps it would use your immediate location for a radial search, making the Mobile Result Pages (MRPS?) extremely relevant.

It also opens up the possibility for extremely targeted advertising using a relatively new advertiser option ads for mobile. Add click to call capability and you have a really great advertising service for businesses that need walk in customers.

Perhaps there will also be some integration with the Contacts section within Gmail (and auto insert the company’s logo as the picture). Having had one of my cell phones recently stolen, keeping all of my contacts online would certainly make reprogramming them on the new phone a lot quicker.

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