Google Toolbar 3 Beta

So for some reason, against my usual software policy, I decided to download and install the new Google Toolbar 3 beta. I had multiple Firefox 2.x windows open at the time and thought I’d take advantage of the session restore feature. It downloaded ok, installed and prompted me to restart firefox. When it restarted, it brought up a preferences screen, but Firefox was also trying to restore the other sessions and had several windows open. Unfortunately it all went horribly wrong and I had to terminate the process and launch firefox again. Not a huge issue and something I thought I may be able to get away with.

One nice feature I’ve been wanting is to be able to access my bookmarks from any PC. Since I do some seo/sem research at home as well as work, I’m constantly adding nice little bookmarks and I haven’t yet used anything to keep them in sync. I have high hopes for this online bookmarks feature.
I uploaded all my bookmarks and just as I suspected it decided to use my folder names as the labels. Sounds great, until you realize that you used the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder. So now I have labels like this:

Bookmarks Toolbar Folder:SEO
Bookmarks Toolbar Folder:SEO:PPC
Bookmarks Toolbar Folder:SEO:Research

Ok, I could have edited the labels at the import process, but it doesn’t make much difference, I still have to go and edit all those redundant instances of Bookmarks Toolbar Folder. So if you’re about to try this feature, do yourself a favor and organize your bookmarks before you import them into Personalized Search.

I’ll see what happens when I get to work tomorrow morning and import bookmarks from that PC. I wonder if it’ll warn me about duplicates…