Free SEO Review is starting to build some community tools to help Manta members connect with each other. Since I’m part of this project I’m trying to get some new people involved to give me feedback on the site’s features.

So to show my appreciation, I’d like to offer one hour of my SEO consulting services to anyone who signs up on and adds me as a business contact, between now and August 31st. Once we’ve connected, just send me a private message on Manta with some feedback and your website address and you’ll be entered into a drawing to receive one hour of free SEO consulting by me.

Register on Manta, then visit my profile page to add me as a contact.

The winner will be drawn and announced here on Tuesday September 1st 2009.

The SEO review will be a multipage document pointing out major problem areas and recommendations to correct/enhance them.

Below is a graph showing organic traffic from Google:

The red arrow shows when I started working on

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