Fastest Blog Theme Ever?

When I resurrected this blog, all I did was switch the root folder configuration on the server, update the core WordPress files, plugins, and installed a the Generatepress theme. I decided to run the Google Lighthouse tool to check page speed and was amazed with the results. I haven’t seen a WordPress blog score anywhere near this on both mobile and desktop. Below are some screenshots:

It’s often tough to get good page speed scores, especially on WordPress because the plugins tend to add in their own individual JavaScript and CSS files. And most themes and plugins also use frameworks which contain a lot of unused code, which slows things down.

Now, I don’t have a ton of plugins and I’m not using any that do strange things to try and fake the scores. I also don’t have ads, or many third party tracking pixels beyond Google Analytics, which is served through the Google Site Kit.

Since Google recently introduced Core Web Vitals and incorporated those metrics into its algorithm as a ranking factor, the current speed of this site should not hold it back. It’ll be interesting to see how this changes over time and maybe my obsessive nature will kick in and I’ll try and further optimize it to squeeze that last 2%.

I may also try out a bunch of the most popular themes and benchmark them to see how they stack up. Let me know if there’s a specific WordPress theme you’d like me to test.