Controlling Calls With Grandcentral

I’m not as brave as Robert Scoble to post my cell on this blog, but Grandcentral provides users (and myself) with a nice alternative. I decided to participate in the beta for Grandcentral and signed up just prior to the Google acquisition. It has a range of really neat features such as:

  • Choose a unique Grandcentral number which you can choose to publish or not
  • Different ring tones for different groups of contacts
  • Different announcements
  • Access voicemail through a web interface
  • Choose which phone (cell, home, office, etc) you want to receive inbound calls
  • Set up rules for groups of users so they can or cannot call certain phones
  • Ability to screen calls by sending them all to voicemail
  • SPAM filter to automatically block or screen calls
  • Email/SMS notification of new voicemails
  • * email forwarding
  • Webcall button so people can call you from your website

Here’s a video demonstrating some of the features by the founders:

The beta program has now moved to invitation only although I started with 5 invites, I now only have 3 left. If you’d like an invite, give me a nice, juicy (that’ll appear in technorati) link and send me a quick message. How’s that for linkbait? ;-)

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