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SEO Title Tag Plugin

February 15, 2007 reuben 1

I decided to install the SEO Title Tag Plugin by Stephan Spencer, since I wanted to clean up the titles. WordPress by default puts in a bunch of extra stuff in there which just doesn’t really look very good. Ironically, … [continue]

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Socializer and Socializing

February 3, 2007 reuben 2

I was using the Social Bookmarks WordPress Plugin by Apostolos Dountsis which places a bunch of small icons at the bottom of each post. I don’t know how successful they are because popular social bookmarking sites like and reddit … [continue]

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Protecting the WordPress wp-admin folder

January 16, 2007 reuben 75

After reading about greywolf’s blog being defaced as well as a few others, I thought I’d tighten up security a little. According to comments by shoemoney, it looks like the vulnerability is exposed by accessing some of the files contained … [continue]