Maps and QR codes

October 8, 2011 reuben 1

When I need to go to a new place, I will research it on my desktop using one of the typical map sites to get an idea of travel time and where it is. I have a Motorola Atrix which … [continue]

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Top 5 Ways To Lose Rankings

May 11, 2007 reuben 2

I really enjoyed this post by donna, so I thought I’d put together my own favorite five, based on what I’ve seen over the years: 1) Renaming pages or moving them to a different directory location without putting in 301 … [continue]

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SEO Is An Investment Not A Cost

March 5, 2007 reuben 0

When I first start working with a company, many of them classify their website as a cost. It’s something that they have to have, like an 800 number, a phone system with voicemail capability, or an annual equipment service and … [continue]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Website Frames Are Bad

February 16, 2007 reuben 6

When website frames were introduced around 1998 with HTML 4.0, it was a time when most users used modems for connectivity – 9,600 and 14,400 baud modems were the norm and download times were horrendously slow compared to modern broadband … [continue]