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Heading to Pubcon

December 1, 2007 reuben 4

Just a quick note to say that next week I’ll be at pubcon in Vegas soaking up the latest SEO/SEM issues and techniques. If you want to meet, you can either post in the thread on seorefugee here, or call … [continue]

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Thoughts On Google Sitelinks Update

October 21, 2007 reuben 0

Google webmaster tools was updated on Thursday with some new features. The one that caught my eye was Sitelinks located under Dashboard > Links > Sitelinks. Here’s a screenshot showing the new feature, see if you can spot where I … [continue]

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How Not To Market A Search Expo

September 30, 2007 reuben 2

If you’re going to try to promote a search conference, the worst possible way to promote it is to comment spam a blogger in the SEM community. Since I have math comment protection they had to have at least made … [continue]

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Graywolf’s Blank Blog Post

June 27, 2007 reuben 0

Hey Michael, here’s a nice meaty question you can get your chops around for your blank blog post :) During your recent podcast with Jason Calacanis he asked if it was you that started the the negative campaign against him. … [continue]

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Search Engine Rankings Not Quite Dead Yet

May 13, 2007 reuben 1

Lee Odden wrote a post about how he thought search engine rankings are turning into a myth and that there’s much more involved than just monitoring search engine rankings. He also mentions monitoring visibility in blog, video and audio searches … [continue]

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Top 5 Ways To Lose Rankings

May 11, 2007 reuben 2

I really enjoyed this post by donna, so I thought I’d put together my own favorite five, based on what I’ve seen over the years: 1) Renaming pages or moving them to a different directory location without putting in 301 … [continue]

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Paid Links To Manipulate PageRank

April 26, 2007 reuben 4

Matt Cutts [post] requested that people use their account in the webmaster central console to report sites that are selling links. This kicked off a storm, among the webmasters and SEO community, which was bound to happen. Here are a … [continue]