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Adwords Quality Score Bug

February 16, 2007 reuben 0

Since many people are experiencing today’s “quality score bug” as reported in Search Engine Land and on SEORefugee, I decided to run a daily keyword performance report for the period: month to date on some accounts. I noticed that some … [continue]

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Google AdWords Quality Update

February 15, 2007 reuben 0

The Google Inside AdWords blog just announced some more changes to the Quality Score which are going to be quite interesting. The first is going to be an improvement on Transparency – in other words, giving advertisers more information about … [continue]

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Yahoo’s panama rolls out

January 2, 2007 reuben 0

My mailbox was flooded with a bunch of emails from Yahoo over the holidays. In the next week or so, a bunch of accounts will automatically be upgraded to the new Panama system. If you do not have an online … [continue]

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TopRank interviews John Slade about Panama

December 20, 2006 reuben 0

Lee Odden from TopRank interviewed John Slade from Yahoo about the new Panama PPC platform (read the interview). He gives us some insights into its current capabilities and what lies ahead. Specifically he mentions geo, demographic and behavior targeting, Panama’s … [continue]

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PPC Ads and Spelling

December 13, 2006 reuben 0

When writing ads, I always check, doublecheck and triple check the ad copy. The worst thing I could do as a consultant for another company would be to put a spelling mistake into their ad. It could possibly tarnish their … [continue]