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Google PPA For Ecommerce Sites

May 11, 2007 reuben 0

One of my clients was recently accepted into the Google Pay Per Action beta program, so I started to set up the actions, conversion tracking and ad campaigns. One of the biggest problems with PPA is that it’s really not … [continue]

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Paid Links To Manipulate PageRank

April 26, 2007 reuben 4

Matt Cutts [post] requested that people use their account in the webmaster central console to report sites that are selling links. This kicked off a storm, among the webmasters and SEO community, which was bound to happen. Here are a … [continue]

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Comparing Google Local and Acxiom Categories

February 21, 2007 reuben 0

The Google Local Business Center offers advertisers a way to geographically authenticate themselves and then select an appropriate category for their business listing. Google Maps takes data from various sources including Acxiom which provides data for many of the phone … [continue]

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Google Express Speculation

February 17, 2007 reuben 0

Garett Rogers just wrote an article: What Google is up to listing some domains that have been transfered to Google. The one that caught my eye was Knowing how Google likes to pull technologies together, it got me thinking … [continue]

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Adwords Quality Score Bug

February 16, 2007 reuben 0

Since many people are experiencing today’s “quality score bug” as reported in Search Engine Land and on SEORefugee, I decided to run a daily keyword performance report for the period: month to date on some accounts. I noticed that some … [continue]