Adwords Quality Score Bug

Since many people are experiencing today’s “quality score bug” as reported in Search Engine Land and on SEORefugee, I decided to run a daily keyword performance report for the period: month to date on some accounts. I noticed that some keywords were marked as inactive for search with minimum bids being raised to $1, $5 or $10 per click. The csv report also showed multiple rows of data for these keywords, with some rows starting at 2/1/2007.

After checking with my AdWords rep, it was confirmed that no matter how many rows are displayed for a specific keyword, the minimum bid is always set to the current value of when the report was run. In other words, the report data for the minimum bid column is only accurate for the current date, ignore previous dates as it all shows the same value.

The rep also confirmed that this is a widespread problem and that it’s their top priority to fix. It should be fixed within the next day or so. Fortunately for the accounts I looked at, the keywords that were affected have very little search/click volume so the impact was fairly minimal. For one account that has approx 2,000 keywords active at any one time, only a handful were affected.

For now, I recommend sitting it out and waiting for the bug fix before trying to reorganize your account.

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