Monthly Archives: November 2008

Google’s Speech Recognition Fails

I used the Google for Search app on my iphone tonight for the first time. I wanted to look up the names of the three tenors, so I tapped the voice icon and said “the three tenors”. Unfortunately it did not fully understand my accent and instead thought I was wanting to find “history tennis”. My family found it quite amusing when I had to repeat the search with a heavy American accent.

It would be really nice to have a settings option where I can read a passage of text so that it can better understand me. Then at least I wouldn’t have to have to break out the British fake southern American twang in public again.

Anyone else have problems? If so, do you have an accent?

Edit 6/15/2009:
Well it looks like they implemented some updates to their speech recognition so that it also understands British and Australian accents. Well done fellas!