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How Not To Market A Search Expo

If you’re going to try to promote a search conference, the worst possible way to promote it is to comment spam a blogger in the SEM community. Since I have math comment protection they had to have at least made some effort to fill out the form manually (unless there’s a workaround I didn’t know about).

The event talks about meeting gurus and learning the ins and outs of search engine marketing from the top experts. Do they think that comment spamming their event is an acceptable practice? Were they trying to get me to attend? I certainly never buy anything from a spammer (to discourage the practice).

What would you think if SMX or pubcon started comment spamming?

I’m going to hold this comment in my askimet bucket for now in case I decide to want to contact them or name them publically.

Related: Results Changed For Me

I used to write about my Volkswagen Beetle on this site before I turned this into an SEM blog at the end of 06. Interestingly enough, within the past few weeks Google decided to change the results for the search query []

Not long after I changed the content to a completely different topic, I had a couple of posts (1, 2) go popular on digg which generated many topical backlinks. Shortly after that the posts started to rank for much broader terms, especially the Analytics post and today it’s still generating backlinks and good traffic. My WordPress post was also quoted by Matt Cutts in his ppt presentation at Wordcamp this year.

I’m shooting off on a tangent here, so bare with me. Google indexes .ppt files and can display them in HTML for convenience (I love that feature) , although the written out URL within the presentation doesn’t count as a backlink, according to Google webmaster tools. I often wonder if one day search engines will also count written out URLs as backlinks, even if they aren’t coded as a hyperlink.

I’m pretty sure that the related: query results returned are just a snapshot in time, similar to the PageRank value given in the Toolbar. I’m also wondering if, just like the link: command, the results are somewhat cropped.

Well… at least my touchgraph results are a little more contextually relevant now.