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Google thinks I’m Google

January 30, 2007 reuben 0

Because I work for an SEO company in Pittsburgh, I tend to do quite a lot of local searches in and around the Pittsburgh metro area. At work we’ve been receiving some phone calls from people who think we’re Google … [continue]

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Protecting the WordPress wp-admin folder

January 16, 2007 reuben 75

After reading about greywolf’s blog being defaced as well as a few others, I thought I’d tighten up security a little. According to comments by shoemoney, it looks like the vulnerability is exposed by accessing some of the files contained … [continue]

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Google PageRank update underway

January 11, 2007 reuben 0

Matt just posted that the latest Google PageRank update is now underway as well as updates for the link: and site: commands. PR values are fluctuating wildly during this time, but as with previous updates, should settle down in the … [continue]

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MyBlogLog snapped up by Yahoo

January 9, 2007 reuben 1

Congrats to the Eric and the rest of the MyBlogLog guys! You can read more about this on their own blog. I signed up for this not so long after I created this blog and I really like the functionality. … [continue]

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Yahoo’s panama rolls out

January 2, 2007 reuben 0

My mailbox was flooded with a bunch of emails from Yahoo over the holidays. In the next week or so, a bunch of accounts will automatically be upgraded to the new Panama system. If you do not have an online … [continue]