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I am the incredible hulk

December 30, 2006 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Personal

According to the superhero quiz, I have personality traits like the hulk. Which superhero are you most like? You are Hulk Hulk 85% Iron Man 65% Superman 65% The Flash 65% Green Lantern 60% Catwoman 55% Supergirl 55% Robin 42% Wonder Woman 40% Spider-Man 35% Batman 35% You are a wanderer with amazing strength. Click […]

Link to good content, don’t steal it

December 21, 2006 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Personal, Web development

My wife has spent many hours gathering and updating the content on her website. Using copyscape, we found quite a few people blatantly stealing it, instead of linking to it. We do post a polite message at the top of the page asking people to provide comments, feedback, additions, and to link to it if […]

TopRank interviews John Slade about Panama

December 20, 2006 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in PPC, Work, Yahoo

Lee Odden from TopRank interviewed John Slade from Yahoo about the new Panama PPC platform (read the interview). He gives us some insights into its current capabilities and what lies ahead. Specifically he mentions geo, demographic and behavior targeting, Panama’s handling of rich media, goal tracking and campaign management features as well as opening up […] SERPs and Google Phone MRPs?

December 17, 2006 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Google, Local Search

Google OS blogged about a rumored project Google Phone. I was just reading some of Mike Blumenthal‘s research about Google local and a thought popped into my head. If the new device has GPS capability, then Google would know your location, so if you searched for “pizza”, perhaps it would use your immediate location for […]

Tehnical support is going downhill

December 16, 2006 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Technical Support

So I downloaded the logfiles for this website and decided to run them through Smarterstats, which is a great little piece of software btw. For some reason it cannot read the logfile format properly and it misses all the referring information, eventhough I see it when I open the file in notepad. Here’s my email […]

5 things you did not know about Reuben Yau

December 16, 2006 by reuben | 3 Comments | Filed in Personal, SEO

DazzlinDonna tagged me. 1. When I was 5, my family and grandparents from Switzerland went on vacation to Fintry in Scotland. We rented some cabins on the grounds in a small clearing in the forest. They were private grounds so you could do all the hunting and fishing you wanted. My father brought his new […]

Google warns again about the perils of selling text links

December 15, 2006 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Google, Link Popularity, SEO, Work

Google posted an item entitled building link-based popularity, which I found rather interesting for a few reasons. Here’s a key snippet: “We’ve always taken a clear stance with respect to manipulating the PageRank algorithm in our Quality Guidelines. Despite these policies, the strategy of participating in link schemes might have previously paid off. But more […]

PPC Ads and Spelling

December 13, 2006 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in PPC, Work, Yahoo

When writing ads, I always check, doublecheck and triple check the ad copy. The worst thing I could do as a consultant for another company would be to put a spelling mistake into their ad. It could possibly tarnish their reputation or push users in the wrong direction. So while checking up on some spam […]

Google Toolbar 3 Beta update

December 13, 2006 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Google, Work

I imported my bookmarks from my work PC and well, nothing really exciting happened. I was given the same options to edit labels and shuffle my sites around. The only downside I saw was that I now have so many labels, some overlapping that I need to spend about an hour doing a reorg. With […]

Google Toolbar 3 Beta

December 13, 2006 by reuben | Comments Off | Filed in Firefox, Google

So for some reason, against my usual software policy, I decided to download and install the new Google Toolbar 3 beta. I had multiple Firefox 2.x windows open at the time and thought I’d take advantage of the session restore feature. It downloaded ok, installed and prompted me to restart firefox. When it restarted, it […]